This custom welded flatbed truck body by Legend Custom Welding and Fence features a 1/8” floor plate deck with sturdy 2” x 11-gauge square tubing construction for the headache-rack. Tapered rub rails with stake pockets keep the load secure. Rear cutouts for lights, tag, and trailer hitch give a clean and functional finish.  With the powder-coated finish this tough bed will outlast the truck that carries it. 

Customized flatbeds to fit your needs

Legend works with you to design a flatbed that works the way you do.  Possible additions include:

·      Specialized equipment containers for your specific business. Whether you are plumber, electrician, contractor, mechanic, or farmer, Legend can build a bed that fits your needs.

·      Underbody boxes allow secure storage space without taking up valuable bed space.

·      Removable side rails make your truck body more versatile for various tasks.

·      Give us a call to find out how we can build your truck body just the way you want it.

Custom bumpers and 5th-wheel hitches

Don’t limit yourself. Legend can build accessories for your whole truck.  When it comes to sturdy steel bumpers, wench bumpers, brush guards, and trailers,  Legend has the experience needed build in a ruggedness to keep you, your vehicle, and whatever you are towing safe. Let us work with you to create the accessories you need to accomplish your specific tasks.

Call us today

Our work takes us all over the state of Oklahoma and we primarily work in the Tulsa area. Call 405-423-0791, fill out the contact form below, or email We look forward to working with you.