If you can dream it, Legend Custom Welding can make it.

Porch Swing

Our lifetime metal porch swing with custom insert is a great gift for a parent, grandparent, or spouse. It is perfect for your home, lake cabin, or the middle of your yard with a metal support frame. The insert can be personalized with anything you can dream up.

This quality welded swing will last for generations. Imagine sitting on this swing reading to your kids and many years later sitting on the same swing reading to your grandkids!


A decorative windmill is a delightful accent to your property. The ornamental piece makes an interesting and functional trellis in your garden. At a glance you will be able to detect wind speed and direction!

Custom Carts

Let us work with you to create a device that will make your life easier. We can custom design carts that will help you out in the garage, shop, and garden. Your custom cart is limited only by your imagination.

Other Custom Creations

Our custom welded products are limited only by your imagination. Legend specializes in working with our clients to create the quality, lifetime products that can be passed on to the next generation.

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